Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Wiped off the Map for 123 Years!

Sister Young and I at Westerplatte last p-day
Kasia took us to an ice-cream place (homemade, super yummy!)

Please also note her most awesome dog, Krowa!

Oh and I made some more oblatne!

Sister Young and I with Kasia

This past week we went to Westerplatte! (only about my 5th time or something haha)- I didn't mind going there again though, no one else in my district had seen it, so it was a good experience. I got to read more about what happened there, and I felt a lot of gratitude for the Polish people especially, who stood up for themselves and for their rights, and did all they could to protect their freedom. We hear from a lot of Poles that a common characteristic trait of the nation is "stubbornness" hahah, which I can see for the most part of this country's history has proven a sort of protection. Did you know that Poland was completely wiped off of the map for some 123 years? I'm so impressed that the language was able to survive, and Poland was eventually able to be Poland again! (Żeby Polska była Polską). Well today for p-day we're going to check out a historical museum here in the old town, it was a post office where some major event happened (I guess I'm not so clear on the history, so I'll find out more today as we walk around the museum-it's something to do with the start of WW2). Then Sister Young and I want to go to the chapel and check out the General Women's session of conference- we're both so excited to watch it, and as Sister Young said yesterday, "It's like Christmas!" hehehe :D.

Yesterday we had an awesome day at church. Our friend Kasia came all the way from Gdynia (she's a trooper!) and it was so nice being with her and everyone else in the branch (and visitors!). P.S Kasia says hi :) We had some talks on prophets and the Sacrament, we had a lesson about the Life of Jesus Christ, and then read a talk in Relief Society from the last General Conference about protecting religious freedom. It was a lovely day <3 We're excited for next week, I think we'll be able to watch some sessions, and then the week after, some more. I can't wait for the printed Liahona to come out so I can feast on the words of our prophets, apostles and other leaders for the next few months :D Fun fact about Sister Grgich by the way: she loves to read general conference talks (we have a whole bunch of old Liahonas in our flat, although apparently, not enough ;)) I read at least a few talks pretty much daily. Right now I'm reading from the first conference in 2000, it was when the new conference centre had just been built- pretty neat!

This week we had a lot of opportunities to teach people- whether in their homes or on the street or at the chapel. I love teaching so much, because Sister Young and I get to prepare the lesson the day before or in the morning, then we teach it and learn so much in the process of it all- from our personal studies, to bearing testimony, and hearing the experiences and testimonies of others. It's a beautiful job I have as a missionary. I'd dare say that I'm one of the luckiest people in the world :) I of course also know that the true happiness I have in life, are blessings from God, and He is very much aware of me and a part of my life. Well not only a part of it, but He has given me everything I have, experiences, friendships, trials that strengthen me (many probably caused by my own doing, but some I know are just given me for my good), most importantly He has given me a Saviour and the ability for myself to choose how I live my life and to choose for myself to return to His presence. Ah, words really can't express the gratitude I have for life! Life is beautiful, and the more I see of the world, the more I appreciate how greatly I am blessed, and how great it is that we all truly do have reason to live, and love, and serve and learn. Mission advantage: I just love people more than I think I ever have before. My companion could be witness to how often I've "complained" this week "ahh my heart is so full, I just can't handle so much love!" hahaha I really just get filled with love that I can't NOT take a step back and give a prayer of gratitude to my Father in Heaven for His abundance of blessings.

Hope you all have a great week- I love hearing from you and seeing photos :D Miss and and love you,
Sister Grgich

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