Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Stand Up!

Exchange to Bydgoszcz- Sister Larcade and I

And Ola!

I woke up sick yesterday, so I'm just going to write a small one this week :D

This week was really fun, we got to do a Skype lesson with a Young Woman in our branch, and another in a branch a few hours away from us. Kasia (our Young Woman) taught the lesson and we all got to talk about one of our favourite topics- Missionary Work! It was super cool hearing the testimonies of these 2 beautiful young ladies, and their strong desires to have integrity and stand up for truth and righteousness. It's also so cool hearing of their spiritual experiences and seeing them grow- ah I just have so much love for them and their amazing families! :') Sister Young and I are determined to find some YW-aged girls to teach so that they can all be friends and help each other out :D Hehe, of course, we're always looking for anyone who is willing to learn and accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, but if we can find some YWs that'd be fantastic!

This past week I got to go to Bydgoszcz for an exchange! I was there with Sister Larcade and we had such a great time! We got to teach some people on the streets (street contacting) and then had a really fun English class. I got to see an investigator that we had taught last time when I was in Bydgoszcz for 3 weeks, and Marcus was there too! (Austrian member who was baptised in my 2nd transfer). Sister Larcade and I got to talk a lot about how to plan lessons and learn the language and everything! She's such an amazing missionary and person, I was so blessed to be able to learn from her and hear her testimony. Exchanges are great because you get to learn from new people, and everyone really does have individual talents and abilities that all contribute to the work!

Miss you heaps! Enjoy the warm weather :D
Sister Grgich

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