Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Strength in Numbers

Sorry this one's blurry- me with Kasia (Young Woman in our branch) making ANZAC bikkies!

And me with Ewa (member from Bydgoszcz) in the Gdansk chapel (we had District Conference yesterday!)

Sister Young and I on Ulica (street) Długa

Marta (member from Poznan) and I

Sister Young, Magda (member in our branch from Sopot) and I

Yesterday we had our district conference! It was held at our Gdańsk chapel, and members from Bydgoszcz and Poznań came. It was such a great occasion! We prepared food with members and others beforehand, and had a lot of fun doing so! Then we got to enjoy the different talks and musical items :) It was really nice seeing the different members being so involved, and it was just such a great atmosphere being with everyone in such an uplifting and loving environment. It reminded me of how there can be strength in numbers- and it just really make me yearn for more here in Poland! The church organisation is so important, we're all needed and can all play a part. If we think we don't need church, at least we can be selfless enough to say that the church and it's members need us! Because it really does. And church is such a great place to find people to strengthen and serve. There are so many people that need our help, and being in the church gives us SO many opportunities to work and teach and love others.

This week we had a lot of wonderful experiences- one that stands out to me was when we were walking around the town just talking to people and inviting them to learn about the restored gospel, and we started talking to one girl who said she didn't believe in God. After a while, she admitted that she would like to believe that there's life after death and that she could be with her family again after this life. We told her that we know that there is a life after death and that families can be together forever, but unfortunately she had to go pretty quick back to work (she was on her break) so she just left. It made me sort of sad, because I know that her life could have so much clarity and purpose if she knew the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope that she'll one day come to learn and find out more for herself, but in the meantime, I know that God is very aware of her and her life, and I am so grateful for the knowledge that "every creature" (Mark 16:15) will have the gospel preached to them- whether that be now or in the Spirit World. I'm so grateful for the people who are using this life to learn and show their faith. This Gospel- the Plan of God isn't for us to have some type of restricted life filled with commandments that we "have" to keep and a list of "do's and don'ts", but rather when we learn and live it, we find true peace and freedom from the consequences of sin. We have purpose in life and want to help others along the way. This life is the time to prepare to meet God (Alma 34:32), and the faster we do that, the faster we'll have clarity and purpose, and we'll feel the Atonement of Jesus Christ working in us to change us for the better and best.  

I'm so grateful for the blessings of God I've seen in my life and in the lives of so many around me. I know that even when we make mistakes, God's arms are outstretched and we can see a change in our own lives and we trust in the power of Christ's Atonement, and use our agency to make good decisions from this very moment on. I love you all so much and wish you a happy, love-filled week!

Sister Grgich

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