Sunday, 6 September 2015

It's a Lifestyle

I got fairy floss (or cotton candy as Americans call it) for my birthday!

Pictures from the Solidarność Museum

Sister Smith and I visiting Wioletta in hospital
And we went to the Hard Rock Cafe and I got my favourite drink ever :D (it's like pineapple and strawberry and stuff- so good!)- and Sister Taggart made me a necklace for my birthday too :D

For culture night we went to a park near a forest, and had kiełbasa (polish sausage) and smores, and went for a bit of a walk through the forest

Dinner at a member's place- I've actually sort of come to like the taste of pickles, strangely enough!

Us at the Taggart's place yesterday for dinner

Then we went tracting and found where Eminem lives in Poland!

This morning I read a really cute letter from Maddie. She asked me why I wanted to be in Poland and why I wanted to be a missionary. I hope she understands my response, but if she doesn't, then I hope that you all know why I'm here :) I love being in Poland, and I know that I was sent here by a prophet of our Heavenly Father. I love and am so grateful for the many opportunities I've had to work amongst the different members here, and among those who are not of our faith too. I've been so blessed to see greater light come into my own life, through studying and pondering the scriptures, through prayer and receiving personal revelation from God. It has been made so clear to me since being on my mission, what a difference the gospel makes in people's lives. It's not just a belief system, being in the Church- it's a whole lifestyle- it forms the way we make our choices, and our perspective on everything just has such deep meaning. We know that families can be together forever. We know that repentance and forgiveness are not only possible, but are essential to our eternal progression and happiness. We know that life is a place for learning, and that's what's going to come with us after this mortal experience. The relationships we have with people matter, because we know that they can last forever.

Yesterday we had sort of a milestone in our branch! Sister Smith and I together with the Primary President (who is currently an American senior missionary, Sister Taggart) organised a Primary/Young Women's Presentation for Sacrament Meeting, and it went so well! There are 3 Primary kids and 1 Young Woman in our branch, so we made up a type of script over the past couple of months, based on the topics from the Primary curriculum for this year (and from responses from the children themselves), and sung a few songs in between. Apparently this is the first time this has ever happened in the Gdańsk Branch, so it was awesome that it went so well! The kids sung and spoke beautifully, the Spirit at the beginning and throughout the entire meeting was so strong and sweet, and it was wonderful listening to the simple truths of the restored gospel, laid out in such plainness. I am so grateful for the mothers, who are such good examples for their children in bringing them up with the knowledge of these truths. It's such a joy having children in the branch- they just bring a wonderful light!

Matthew 5:16 "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."I'm so grateful for the lights in my life, the wonderful examples I see from good people every day- whether it be my companion, other missionaries, investigators, older members in the branch or the kids :)

This week we're preparing for a fireside on the Restoration that we have coming up on Saturday. Then it'll be transfer calls, and we'll actually be moving around on Monday, so Tuesday will be our p-day. I have no idea if I'll stay or go, but I know that Sister Smith and I have done a great work these past 4 months together. I love the feeling in the branch when we meet with the members on the Sabbath Day (oh, I just remembered, there's a cute video from the church-A Day to Focus on What Matters Most). We recently had a couple of Priesthood holders come back from their first trip to the temple. They went to Germany with many other Polish saints, and got to meet a lot of other European members too! It was so cool seeing these members on church on Sunday- they were just radiating, and I knew it was because they had been in the Lord's house and have been strengthened by the sacred covenants they've made with Him there. It's such a beautiful thing to know that Poland is filled with strong and faithful members of Christ's church.

Well we had a lot of other incredible miracles happen this week, I'll tell you all about them some time in the future haha :D I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Love from Sestra Grgić <3333333333333

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