Thursday, 10 September 2015

One of the Coolest Things Happened

Elder McPherson and I singing after English class

My companion Sister Young and I awkwardly hugging photo ;)

The old town of Gdansk

This week we had some incredible experiences! I'll try and condense things because I don't have a lot of time- but first off- one of the coolest things happened! So last week Sister Young and I were walking to the nursing home to visit a former investigator and sing songs for her and just talk, so I had my guitar, and we cut through the mall to make our way over to her residence. In the mall, a security guard all of a sudden saw me with the guitar and said "Hey, play something!" and I was like "ehh.." haha then we ask who he was, and he just says "oh, Mormons, right?" and we say "yeah! have you met us before?" and he says "Yeah, but I'm Jewish" and then he asks to play my guitar and I say "No, it's mine" then he plays it anyway haha (it's all good, I really didn't mind) then he plays a Jewish song for us right there in the mall (it's in Yiddish! which is really cool, because it's similar to German) then he hands back the guitar and tells us to just wait for a second, then he gets on his phone and is talking to his daughter and asks her if she wants to meet with the Mormons, then he gets off the phone and tells us to take down her number and it's best to call in the evenings. Then he says he needs to go to work, and goes along his way, and Sister young and I are just left so confused but amazed at what just happened! So we eventually were able to set up to meet his daughter (who speaks incredible English by the way) and we got to visit with her and teach her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon, and a little bit about the Plan of Salvation- ah it was the coolest thing ever, and she was the sweetest, coolest girl! She also had a really cool dog, nicknamed "cow" (krowa, in Polish) haha it was one of the biggest but happiest-looking dogs I've ever seen. We can't wait to meet with her again. So it turns out, her family met with some Elders about 20 years ago- and they even remember one of the Elder's names! She had a photo with her and the Elders when she was a baby hehe so cute. So now we'll try and find out where this elder is now haha- we'll figure it out somehow! Yeah, so that was an amazing experience- that was no coincidence- God is activiely a part of all our lives and He wants to help us! I know that He loves us, and all of His children, all of the people we meet with and walk past- they are all His children and He loves us all more than we can comprehend. That was a great day to see the hand of the Lord in our lives (and in others'!).

Oh, later that day was pretty incredible too! We had gone around the old town and contacted some people on the streets, trying to talk to people who're interested in learning, when all of a sudden a couple of guys walk past us and one says "Siostry!" (meaning "Sisters"), and we trun around and they turn around, and we're like "Czy pan zna nas...?" (Do you know us?) and then we started talking and find out they're 2 return missionaries (Americans) and one served in Russia and the other in Poland (about 20 years ago), and they're just in Gdańsk for a couple of days. They've been in Poland for a little while (staying in Kraków) checking out things for work/business. So yeah, we had the whole conversation in Polish (they're both learning, but they both spoke so well!) and then they came to church yesterday which was really cool! Ah.. anyway, pretty amazing how people are put in our paths (or us, in theirs).

Well, a lot of other great things have happened this week, but I've got to go! So have a great week and be happy and I love you all so much!!!

Siostra Grgich <3

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