Monday, 22 June 2015

Family History Lessons

This week we taught a couple of lessons on family history and temples, so you would be proud of me mum! So on Tuesday we visited a less-active member and encouraged her to prepare for the temple and work on her family history, and she was willing and happy so we're hopefully going to help her with that (particularly with creating an account on FamilySearch because it's not really translated fully into Polish). It was really awesome to get to know this member better (I hadn't known her very well before this) and help her with something that I'm now a lot more passionate about. We also did a "musical whiteboard" where I played songs on my guitar and we sang while other missionaries spoke to people to see if they're interested in learning about the gospel. It was really fun and it felt good to share my talents in such a way. It was also one of the elders' last day in the country so it was a bit of a solemn occasion with the music and everything- a lot of emotions of happiness for this beautiful gospel, and sadness for saying goodbye to this amazing missionary. Later that day we also got to meet with two recent convert women in our branch- we spoke about teaching and learning in the church and watched a mormon message- it was really nice to be with them and share and listen to each other's testimonies. 

The next day my companion and I got to help out with an American family who are preparing to move back to the States not long from now. We were helping with moving boxes and food etc, and we got fed lunch so it was a pretty awesome day :D Later that day we had planned to teach a potential investigator, but he didn't show up, so instead we were able to do a Book of Mormon reading after our English class, and we ended up having a really good lesson with the people that came to that! We read from 3 Nephi 27 in English and spoke to discuss the verses while reading. I truly felt the Spirit testifying, and afterwards one of the people there mentioned how he felt such a good atmosphere with us and during that reading/discussion. It was so nice to hear that, and reminded me how grateful I am to have the gospel in my life, and to always have the Holy Ghost with me:) 

On Thursday we went to Somchit's house (Thai member), discussed the visiting teaching message for this month (about the Christlike attribute of being without guile) and then made some sushi! I wasn't too excited for the sushi haha (but I thought of you two mum and dad), but it was cool to read from the message, because Somchit was able to read it in Thai (we found it for her on her ipad). It was probably the most understanding we've ever had in our lessons, and we were also really happy because she mentioned how she has spiritually grown since the last week we met with her. It's so fulfilling to know that the commitments we extend to people really do help them make changes for good in their lives. 

On Friday we were able to have a few good street lessons- at one point 4 young students actually came up to us and so we spoke with them for a while. I don't know how interested they are in learning more about the message, but they happily took pass-along cards and we encouraged them to look at the website for our church. We also got to visit with Kaja at her house- she made us dinner and we helped clean her turtle tank haha so that was fun (my 'best friends' are her turtles- Barbara and Jerzy). We were able to speak about the importance of not procrastinating, but making decisions now (particularly moral ones) so that we are strong for whatever happens in the future. We also got to see Kaja yesterday in the town- she was volunteering for an awareness cause about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising so we went and said hello to her :) She is seriously the best- we love her so much and I'm really gonna miss her when I leave :(. Thank goodness we have phones and the internet and mail, right? :D

Well we actually did a lot more this week but I've got to go, so I'll just keep those memories in my journal haha. Love you so much, have a beautiful week :)

From Siostra Grgich

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