Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Kangaroos at the Zoo

Elder Wright with his kangaroo coin purse... and the kangaroos...!

Kangaroos at the zoo! I tried speaking aussie to them, but they were just chilling, doing their own thing. Didn't even look at me! Haha oh well

Kaja giving us a tour at the Museum of the History of Jews in Poland (not sure if that's what it's officially called..)

My companion Sister Johnston and I with the Kosonavich family (they're Americans but with a Croatian heirtage, and they did the same thing like we did with adding an 'h' on the end of their name!)
This week will be the start of a new transfer for me in the beautiful city of Gdansk, in which I'll be serving with the magnificent and even more beautiful Sister Smith! Sister Johnston and I had just finished visiting a less-active member in our branch, and were waiting for the bus when we received our calls from President Edgren. I was so excited to learn that I'd be getting to serve with my MTC companion again, and whilst it's a little sad that I only got to be here for 1 transfer, Sister Johnston and I both feel good that we have left this area a little better than we found it :) (which is always the goal!) and we're excited for the new Sisters to come and do the same. We're both so grateful for the opporunity that was given us to work with and amongst so many different people here, and we're really going to miss it!

So I sent you some photos- including some at the zoo! I actually forgot to bring my camera, so these were taken from my companion's camera. So last week we went to the big zoo in Warsaw and got to see a lot of awesome animals! I was especially excited about the kangaroos, wallabies and emus (they unfortunately didn't have koalas), but I also really enjoyed the hippos, monkeys/baboons, seals and flamingoes :) I don't know how people think all of these incredible creations just came about by chance- they were CLEARLY created. And how grateful I am for all of God's beauty in the world :)

After the zoo, we met with an American member family and an investigator Molly for a lesson and dinner. It was really nice, but also a little sad because Molly's since gone back to the States (where she's from) and we really miss her! What's cool though, is that she might work for an Australian family who live in Utah, so I told her that they'd of course naturally be awesome because they're Australian ;)

This week we were able to have some really amazing lessons with less-active members in our branch. We were able to teach a lady and her non-member husband and son about prayer, and encouraged them to pray as a family- the lesson went so well, and they were appreciative of the songs my companion and I sung at the end :D We were able to teach a single lady about forgiveness and how freeing and enabling the Atonement really is. The Spirit was felt so strongly during our lesson with her and we have been so blessed to see so much progress in this woman's life as we have met with her this transfer. It's such a beautiful thing to hear from people, when they tell us they once had a problem with something and now, because of the gospel, it's gone. I'm so happy to have been a part of helping someone with that. We were able to teach another woman about family history and temple work (it's starting to be a favourite topic of mine!) and I'm just always so appreciative of the hospitality and kindness of the members here in Poland towards us as missionaries (and others in general!). I love teaching, and meeting people and just being a missionary :) P.S. mum and dad, I totally suggest you two going on a mission some day together. You could go to Bosnia, it'd be so awesome! Hahah ok that's just what I see in my head that would be really great!

Well I'm not sure what else to say, except that I love you and appreciate you and pray for you often! I hope you all have a wonderful week - tell Baba "volim te" (I think that's correct).

Love Sister Grgich

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