Saturday, 27 June 2015

Leaving Warsaw

We were waiting for a bus after going to a park on pday, so I decided to take a photo of our reflection

his is my district on our last pday together

Us at Family Home Evening with Kaja and Róża, and Sławek

Sister Smith and I doing the dishes at a members house (we got to wear awesome shoes and apron-like things)

I'm in Gdansk again! This past week was pretty bittersweet- I was so sad to leave Warsaw and all the amazing people I've gotten to know there- sad to leave my companion Sister Johnston and sad to leave the city, but I'm also really happy to be in Gdansk and see everyone here again. Sister Smith and I have already started doing a lot of work here- trying to find less-actives, former investigators, working to get new investigators (tracting, referrals, contacting)- we really want to help the branch here grow! (We've both seen the innumerable blessings that come from having strong wards/branches with many people to have many different callings, opportunities for service, growth, learning etc.) So we are of course trying our best to carry out the work here!

On Monday after pday we met at the chapel for FHE, and got to see Róża and Kaja one last time. We watched a couple of talks from the most recent General Conference (one of my favourites- "Choose to Believe" by Elder L. Whitney Clayton) and said our goodbyes. The next day we set off for our different cities (Sister Johnston went to Katowice), and when I got to Gdansk I was warmly greeted by Elder and Sister Shaw (senior missionaries). It was nice to see them again- their first transfer in Gdansk was when I first came into the country, so I know them pretty well. They feed us dinner on Sundays so they have a special place in my heart! Haha ok I'm joking about that being the reason why I like them so much, but really they are so special because of the great work they do here, and they've always uplifted me and made me feel loved!

This week we've been able to meet with a couple of the members, and we've been calling SO many people to find out if they'd be interested in having lessons from us -we've been trying potentials (people who've never had official lessons but have given us an address or number) and former investigators. We've also been able to do a bit of tracting (one of my favourite things to do as a missionary since my first transfer with Sister Wood) and unfortunately haven't found anyone yet who wants to meet with us, but we're keeping the faith and working hard. Sister Smith and I are really focusing on finding families to teach, so we're going to try some new areas (or, areas that we haven't been out to much) and tract and contact there to see if we can find anyone interested. Missionary work in challenging, but that's probably why it's so rewarding. I'm excited to be here with my new district- I'm excited to use my talents to the best of my ability and praying that I will always live up to my potential. I'm so excited for this new transfer and to see what comes of it.

Yesterday at church I bore my testimony and was so filled with love looking out at the members of the branch (and visitors). I thought about the people who weren't there (that I knew should have been) and realised that I miss them not only because I don't get to personally talk to them, but I miss their presence because I know how important it is for them to be attending church and allowing their souls to be fed. I know how important it is to be regularly attending church so that we can renew our covenants with our Heavenly Father, that we do want to constantly allign our will with His, and uplift others along the way. We all make choices everyday and have to commit to ourselves and be accountable to the Lord that we will work on what big or small faith we have, to show that we trust God and know that His ways are higher than ours. I'm so grateful for the reminders I get to do this, from the examples I see in other members, and for the experiences I've gained on my own.

Well I will see you on Skype on Sunday for Mother's Day (so excited!). I love you all so much, be happy and remember to pray and read your scriptures together! :DD

Love Siostra Grgich

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