Monday, 16 November 2015

A Great Start to the End of the Year!

Sister Young and I with some cool knights!

Sister Young and I with a couple in the branch

All Saint's Day at a cemetary in Sopot (national holiday in Poland, remembering and respecting their dead) SO many candles!

This week we've officially started the new transfer, I have a new planner (covered with paintings from the nieces!) and we had a baptism last week and the confirmation yesterday at church :D What a great start to the end of the year!

Some cool things from this past week- we have a new Elder in the district (fresh from the MTC), we did a 'musical free-table' in a tunnel this week (haven't done one of those in a while- had some people stop and talk with us which was great!), we got to meet with 3 new people and teach them at the chapel, we got given giant chocolate bars from a member, got fed Polish/Ukrainian breakfast from another member, advertised for english class and had some new people come to that, and yesterday after church we went to a cemetary for All Saints Day.

Yesterday we had a visitor come from the Bydgoszcz branch, she's the Family History Consultant in our district, and so we had a combined class for Priesthood and Relief Society and learnt about how to get started with family history/genealogical work. It's one of my favourite topics, and super relevant to the Poles at this time of year, especially because we just had the Wszystkich Świętych holiday. I love seeing how the enthusiasm of members has grown for theis sacred and important work. Sister Young and I have been trying to help some members with filling out information (it's tricky because Family Search isn't totally translated into Polish yet, but we get by), and we've been seeing progress and know that this will benefit the members so much more than they can even imagine!

We've made a lot of good goals for this upcoming transfer, I love working with Sister Young and being in this beautiful country with the beautiful people here. I know that the Jesus Christ's true church has indeed been restored with all His authority, doctrine, principles and ordinances. I'm so grateful that people have the gospel here and we continually work hard to make sure that as many people as possible have an opportunity to hear it and accept it. I have so many blessings in my life and I really can't count the incredible blessings I've received so far from just being in Poland on my mission. We are here to 'bring the world His truth', and I stand as a witness that truth really does bring freedom and happiness, and actually living and applying that truth gives us joy as we strive to choose the right and put our trust in our Heavenly Father. I want nothing more than for my fellow brothers and sisters to experience that joy and have it guide them throughout the rest of their lives.

Have a great week, I love you veeeeeeeeery much! :)
Sestra Grgić

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