Thursday, 19 November 2015

We Will Get Stronger

We had a Tim-Tam Slam! (for the new Elder especially, because it was his first time)

And in other Aussie news, Elder Zelezniak (Jayden) visited our branch on Sunday! I told him to say hello to you mum :)

Yesterday was super awesome! We've been meeting with a less-active member for a while and trying to encourage her to come to church, then yesterday out of the blue, she finally came! My companion literally jumped up and down when we found out she came :D Well, I guess her appearance wasn't out of the blue, because a couple of days prior, we were able to have a lesson with her and the senior missionary couple (the Taggarts) and it was a very powerful one! I'm so grateful for the love and support they give us as missionaries, and how Elder Taggart loves and serves the branch members. I'm so grateful for his wise example and insights of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is truly a man who has lived and experienced the gospel in his own life, and is therefore so good at helping others see how they too can apply Christ's teachings to their lives and make use of His Atonement. I love seeing how the Lord works through multiple people and means in order to bless all of His children.

Last week we had a great meeting with a girl who has just recently been interested in the Church (we met her tracting a few weeks ago). We got on the topic of personal revelation and how we recognise answers from God, or how we can know that He's speaking to us. Sister Young and I were able to share our own experiences during the lesson, and later in the week we continued to study the topic. We read multiple scripture verses about the different feelings or impressions we can get. As we stopped to talk about each verse after reading them, I realised that I've actually experienced many of the things spoken of. For example, D&C 128:1- having a certain thought occupy my mind and press on my feelings- that's the way I decided to serve a mission! Those feelings and thoughts that were 'occupying' me, were also accompanied by enlightenment and feelings of peace and comfort. A multitude of verses in our Holy Scriptures talk about how we have good feelings from God. If we have bad feelings, or we have 'a stupor of thought' (D&C 9:9), chances are, we need to rethink our options! Sister Young and I also discussed how important for us to have listening ears- meaning, we should first and foremost make sure that we are putting ourselves in situations and giving sufficient time (when possible) to listen to the 'whisperings' (Helaman 5:30) of the Spirit. We should have time to meditate, to ponder the scriptures, and to wait and listen for an answer when it comes. Secondly, it means that once we DO get an answer from God, we should not ignore it or forget about it. It's unfortunately too easy for us to do that sometimes, due to a lack of care and attention on our part. We should make sure then when God speaks to us, He need only do it once. We should trust Him, and if we have received a sure answer from Him, we should be willing to act on that answer and not 'desensitise' ourselves to receiving further revelation. In the same vein, if we teach ourselves to pray, listen then act on answers, we will get stronger and will be more able to do so in the future. Faith is a principle of action, and like a muscle, must be exercised in order to stay strong. I'm so grateful for the things I've been able to learn this past week, I hope that you're all having some fulfilling personal studies, and exercising your faith in the Lord!

Love you all so much,
Sister Grgich

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