Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Nice People in the Rain

So I wrote a really long email last week, so this week I'll do a short one haha :) I've realised that I don't have any photos to send unfortunately- we've been pretty busy and I guess I just forgot to take some! All good!

So yesterday we went tracting after church and lunch/dinner, and we found an area with some pretty friendly people! We managed to teach 3 people at their doors! One guy was Finnish, so he spoke English (a welcome change, I must admit!) and he had some close Mormon family friends, so he knew a bit about us and respected us which was really nice. We also found someone that didn't have a lot of time, but said he once had a Book of Mormon but lost it, (he last spoke with missionaries 2 years ago) so he asked if he could have another copy and of course we eagerly gave him one! Then another man we spoke to said he wasn't so interested at first, but we were able to share a bit of our main message, and after some time he said he'd be interested in reading the Book of Mormon. We didn't have any more spare copies on us, so we'll be returning to get him one, and hopefully he'll want to meet with the Elders to talk more. We had so many great experiences, we almost forgot it was raining outside! Haha yeah, we got pretty wet, and it was a little colder than expected (weren't prepared for that!!) but luckily Elder Taggart (senior missionary) gave us an umbrella as we left their house to go tracting, so it ended up just fine! Plus, I think some people had pity on us, and let us in their building to knock in the warmth of the apartment blocks, rather than just standing outside at the domophone. People are nice :)

We visited Wioletta again in the hospital, and there were different people in the room visiting others, so we got to talk to some of them, and one lady even invited us over to her home! So we're hoping to visit her soon- she was interested in knowing some things about our church, so we'll try and help her out! Later that day we saw an old man struggling to walk home, so we went and helped him (he had heavy bags and needed to cling on to someone for balance). It took a long time for him to get back- along the way, a man was out walking his dog, and he came and helped the old man too. It was nice to be able to help out, I've never really had an experience before with doing that- I feel like I always hear about those stories of helping an elderly person cross the street, but here was a real situation! So it felt good that we were there at the right time to help someone.

Yesterday was great being in the chapel, getting to partake of the Sacrament, singing hymns and being uplifted by the faith of the members. Sundays are my favourite days! I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday, and that you'll continue to have a great week!

Lots of love,
Siostra Grgich

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