Friday, 3 July 2015

Zone Conference

At Zone Conference in Poznań with Marta (she recently returned from her mission in Chicago)

Missionaries at Zone Conference (yes, Sister Smith is the smallest!)

Sister Montesinos (my trainer!) came back to Poland with her parents for a visit, so she and her dad came to the Gdańsk branch on Sunday

It's good to hear from all of you and how you're all doing lots of travelling around the great land of Australia. This past week we were able to take the train to and from Poznań for our Zone Conference, and that was a pretty great experience getting to see the rolling fields of Poland and spend time with missionaries in the area. At the conference we learnt a lot about unity with our companions (Sister Smith and I are like best friends, so I think we're doing pretty well in that department!), of course there are always ways to improve! We also discussed the importance of planning, and we've been trying to implement what we've learnt into our work as a companionship. It was really nice about half way through the conference, a YSA member Marta who lives in Poznań came (she's a return missionary and way awesome!) so after the conference and before our train back to Gdańsk, we got to do some street contacting with her. It was really great having a native speaker with us, but not only that, she's a return missionary with experience and a beautiful testimony! It was really helpful learning from her, and I'm continuing to study and work every day to improve my teaching and finding skills.

This week we got to meet with a member and his wife for a lesson at our chapel. It was nice to see them both again (after me being away for a little over a transfer) and so we had a lesson on God's love. It was nice to hear and express our thoughts and testimonies on this topic, and it really made me step back and take a look at how God's love has been manifest in my life (especially recently with me being in such a different environment to the life that I've grown up in- it's been important for me perhaps more now than ever to recognise the hand of the Lord in my life).

Sister Montesinos (my trainer, whose name is Joann!) came up to Gdańsk for a couple of days with her dad (she lives in Salt Lake and has been off her mission for about 6 months now). We got to see them at a branch sports activity on Saturday and then again at church yesterday. I had fun speaking my broken Spanish to them (Joann's dad is native Chilean) and singing songs with Sister Montesinos like the good old days! I'm so grateful for her example to me, always being so happy and kind, softspoken and just so down-to-earth. I'm so grateful for the transfer I got to spend with her in Gdańsk last year.

Yesterday in Sacrament Meeting I gave a talk on faith (I actually gave a talk on the same general topic last transfer in Warsaw, so it was easier for me this time to prepare!). A YSA member in the branch gave a talk on testimonies, and it was nice hearing from him, especially as he is preparing to go on a mission soon. I'm so grateful for the people in our branch and all their efforts to follow the Lord. Sister Montesinos and her dad also gave their testimonies, and it was really sweet hearing from both of them. All the good feelings there helped Sister Smith and I cheer up after a meeting we had before church with an investigator fell through. We've unfortunately had a lot of things just fall through the past couple of weeks, but it's a good thing I studied up on faith, because I know that that's what we need to hold on to, if we are to stay motivated and keep our expectations high. I know that Heavenly Father is aware of all of us, just as much as He is aware of the people we try to help come closer to Christ. I'm grateful that I have such a supportive companion and that we're able to encourage each other in the work, through thick and thin. I'm also very grateful for all of your support and the kind words you send every week :)

Today we'll probably go to Westerplatte (again! I think this'll be my third time haha) and maybe see if we have time to visit some museums. It's the first day of Summer and the temperature is reflecting that! We have a meeting scheduled with an investigator today so please pray that it'll go well! We are excited for the upcoming week, I hope you all have a wonderful one!

Love Sister Grgich

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