Monday, 6 July 2015

Sidewalk Chalk

We took a ferry to Westerplatte- it was cold, windy and rainy, but we survived!

Some type of fortress along the way going up the Motława River in Gdańsk

We weren't entirely ready for the photo, but this is what I got! Standing out the front of the Westerplatte tourist entrance

his photo summarises our companionship (Sister Smith and I) ;) Standing in some ruins

Nigdy Więcej Wojny- No More War/Never Again War

We found a cherry tree!

So we of course had to pick some! (So delicious, by the way mum, we should plant a cherry tree!) The deeper the red, the better the taste, but even the yellow ones weren't bad

Eating lunch at a Polish restaurant

The front door to our meetinghouse/chapel (it's in an office building)

We did some chalk advertisements in a park- this one is to do with the Plan of Salvation

This house was covered in vines!

Sister Smith and I with Klaudia at church in the primary room

Looking up how to get home! Waiting at a busstop

Aw I love Sister Smith!

Playing guitar on a train ride to Poznań


This week the weather just got hot all of a sudden; there was a day where it was almost 30, I couldn't believe it! It's nice to see a lot more people out on the streets, and it can make it easier to find people to talk to outside. It also means we're able to try some different finding activities like chalk advertising in parks (we went with the Elders last week to do that) and lots of people are around because they like being in the warm, fresh air. We had people come up to us which was so great! We even got a call from somebody about it, and he said he'd be interested in meeting with the missionaries, so we might try that type of activity again in the future.

This week we were able to teach a new investigator at our chapel- she brought a friend and the lesson went well. Unfortunately as students they don't have a lot of time to meet, but we're trying to set things up and my companion and I are excited to have some more people to teach the Gospel. We've been doing a lot of different things to find new people and help the current members too of course.

This week we actually had an awesome opportunity to help a member with her family history! We taught about the basics of the Plan of Salvation, and particularly about the Spirit World and what happens there. We discussed the importance of temple work for ourselves and our ancestors, and then were able to create an account for the member on and fill in some basics. It was exciting for us to get this started (unfortunately it's not in Polish, so we help with the English) and I could feel the Spirit of Elijah, the motivation of this member to find out more information about her family. She spoke about how she could get some information about her ancestors from tombstones, so we're excited for her to start working on this great task of fidning her family so she can have their work done in the temple.

Yesterday after church we went to find a former investigator who was in our area book, and when we got to her flat, we were told that she no longer lives there and the lady who now does didn't have any contact with her. That was a sad thing to hear, but there was nothing we could really do about that. So we went to find another former investigator who lived nearby, and the fastest way to get there was through a forest, so we got to walk for about 10 minutes in this beautiful natural scenery :) Sister Smith and I really enjoyed the walk and being able to be at one with nature! I'm so grateful for the many beautiful things in this world that our Heavenly Father has created for us.

I Nephi 17:36 Behold, the Lord hath created the earth that it should be inhabited; and he hath created his children that they should possess it.

The world is a beautiful place, and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to already see so much of it in my lifetime (even though there is still so much I am yet to see!) We found the place of the other former investigator, but unfortunately no one answered the door, so we had to head back home. At the bus stop, we met a lady and continued talking with her on the busride home. She was nice and complimented our Polish, but it was a little sad because she wouldn't let us teach her much about our church. She just told us we were wrong and mistaken and that when we get to her age then we'll see how wrong we were. (This is a common point people like to make to us, at least this transfer). We invited her to learn more about us, but she couldn't accept that we didn't pray to Mary, that we don't believe the Pope is a prophet of God, that we believe Christ was baptised by immersion and that we have the Book of Mormon. It sort of hit me how many differences there really are between our church and others! It can be really hard sometimes to help people see that we are worth listening to, that they should give us a chance. But I know that there are a lot of prepared people out there, and they will be open to our message, it's just difficult to find them sometimes! We are staying motivated though, and we see the hand of the Lord in our lives from day to day :) I just keep praying that we will find these people to serve and see their lives blessed by the knowledge and ordinances of the restored gospel.

Today we'll be going to the beach and maybe playing some volleyball, it's the start of another great week! Love you very much, be happy and smile!

Siostra Grgich

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