Monday, 3 August 2015


There's a big street here called Startowa (it's pronounced like how an Aussie would say "start over" hehe)

This is a photo of our district at Malbor

Sister Smith and I at Mabork

Sister Smith and I with a little boy we met with his mum in the park (he came up and was like "Can I play your guitar?" so yeah, that's how we met hehe) :D

Sister Smith and I at the beach

We went with the Elders to Park Oliwski to talk to people about the Church. We have these super cool banners the mission bought recently- they're easy to out up so it's great!

Sister Smith and I have been visiting a former investigator Wioletta in the hospital for the past few weeks. We sing her songs and chat, and she always makes us smile!

This week we had an exchange! Sister Smith went to Bydgoszcz (yes mum, that place you love to not say haha) and Sister Woodward (from our MTC group) came up to Gdansk with me. We had a great time together, and I learnt a lot from Sister Woodward. We found a couple of potential investigators, got water dumped on us while tracting (we were at the domophone, and someone leant out their window of the apartment block and dumped a bucket of water on us)- luckily they missed, and it only got like our arms wet haha. It was really good getting to talk with another missionary and learn from her experiences (I haven't seen her much since the MTC). 

On Thursday, Sister Smith and I went to a member's house to practice a musical item for Sacrament Meeting- we sung Teach Me To Walk in the Light (Naucz Mnie Chodzić ze Światłem) and we sung it yesterday- it was so great and we loved being with the member (she doesn't always get to come to church because of work). We had a lot of people at church yesterday- right before Sacrament Meeting, a family of 7 from Finland came in and it practically doubled the size of our branch haha. It was pretty cool, it was just a big reminder to me about how important families are, and how families are so blessed by the Restored Gospel- that's what life's all about! We are all children of our loving Heavenly Father, and our goal is to return with Him and our families to be happy for eternity. Families really are at the centre of everything in God's plan. This message is for everyone, and everyone who lives trying to be obedient and God's commandments, even if circumstances on this earth don't allow, will have the wonderful blessing of being with their families forever. I love that I've grown up seeing so many great examples of loving families- I know that there is no better way to raise a family than based on the gospel of Jesus Christ. If only everyone knew that, the world would be an incredibly finer place!

On Friday we went on the street with the Elders and set up with a board for people to write on- it said "Jestem wdzięczny za.." (I'm grateful for...)- we were able to talk to a lot of people so that was a fun and different experience! Later that evening we went to a former investigator's home (she hadn't been met with in 15 years) and her parents still lived there and let us in! They fed us and spoke to us about their daughter and their lives and Poland end everything. Their daughter lives in a different city now, so we'll try and get in contact with her again and see if she's interested in meeting with missionaries. But yeah, her parents were so nice! Sister Smith and I were in shock a little, from how incredibly nice this couple were. So that was a great experience, and we're hoping to meet with them again in the future to talk more about the church (the wife is really interested in genealogy and she knew that our church has a lot to do with that, so we'll try and help her in the near future with that!)

Ok we actually had some other really great experiences in the week but I've sort of run out of time, so I'll talk to you next week! Love you so much!

Sister Grgich

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