Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Testimonies of the Book of Mormon

Most of the missionaries from our MTC group

Sister Smith and I in southern Gdansk

Sister Bąk and I

Some of the Sisters from my MTC group

This email is really hard to write because there are Germans in this internet cafe and I'm eavesdropping haha ;) Anywho, last week we had Zone Conference in Warsaw and got to wake up super early to catch a train in! We got a bunch of our mail from the office and got to see lots of the other missionaries so there were big smiles all around like this --> :D haha It was a really good conference- the mission president (President Edgren) spoke about so many things that I have just been studying in the past week- it was cool how relevant everything was/is to me. We spoke about being disciples of Christ, and how important it is to learn His doctrine so that we're prepared with strong testimonies and more importantly with an ability to teach by the Spirit. We also learnt how to improve our finding methods- how we can talk to people and be better at setting up lessons and helping them become progressing investigators. There were so many great ideas from the different missionaries, and it was a really uplifting experience.

Last week we had a small, but important experience. We were walking around the city trying to talk to people about the gospel, and one lady was staring at our badges and Sister Smith and I of course stopped her to introduce ourselves. She was with her husband and they had a pram (although I'm not sure where the baby was..?) anywho, it was a family so we were so excited that they stopped and wanted to talk! So we started talking and getting to know them, and they told us they were Jehovah's Witnesses, and they din't see a need in another book of scripture. I was able to bear testimony that God really did call another prophet- Joseph Smith, and he translated the Book of Mormon by the power and under the direction of God. I told them that if this actually happened- if God and Jesus Christ really did appear to Joseph Smith in 1820, then that is the greatest event to happen on the earth since the time of Christ. To my surprise, they actually nodded and agreed that if it was true, then that really would be the most important thing that's happened since Christ was on the earth. I know that if people have honest hearts, and just give our message a try, they will find out the truthfulness of it through reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.

Sometimes I get a little shy in my missionary work, and I think, oh these people don't want to read this book, they're happy enough with their lives, they've told me no once so I should just leave them now. But I know that it's worth at least telling those who will let you, how important this is for them, and how much God loves them and wants them to find this out for themselves. Of course I know it's not good to pester people, but I think people don't know what they're saying "no" to. That's why it's so important for us to start teaching people the message of the restoration, as quickly as we naturally and tactfully can- then if they still choose to say no, I at least feel better that I gave them some information that might come back to their minds at some point in their life in the future. This message really is so important, and everyone deserves the chance to accept it. I generally do a good job at being persistent with sharing the message, but I think that experience has taught me maybe to ask that question to people more often- if this really happened, wouldn't you want to know about it? I'm grateful for all the learning experiences I have daily- and I'm continually looking for ways to improve my finding and teaching skills.

We had many, many other amazing experiences this past week- we met with a young woman who is a rock in the gospel and in the branch :) We love her so much- we're trying to help her with her Personal Progress and we're trying to meet with her more regularly. We also were able to see someone we had found tracting and invited to church, actually come to church! It was really cool that he came, afterwards the Elders had a lesson with him and we hope that he'll be able to continue to meet with the missionaries and come to church :) We had some more guests join us in our branch yesterday, so that was really nice. I love the summer time! Today we plan on going with the Elders to the Solidarność museum here in Gdansk- it should be good!

Hope you have a fabulous week and give everyone a big hug from me!! (especially Alexa and Mandy :D)
Love from Sestra Grgić

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