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Ok first of all, I want to say dziękuje bardzo for the parcel!! (I have photos that I'll send later). Everyone loves my kangaroo-fur scripture case hehe and I must say, it makes a comfy pillow when I just need to rest my head for 3 seconds in class I mean what? I don't sleep in class.. ANYWHO, so I've pretty much devoured all the Cadbury (don't worry- I shared) but I still have some Tim-Tams left :D My friend Sister Kuchar loves them, so we just have like 1 or 2 every now and then, while she tries to speak in an Aussie accent. (she's really bad at it, but it's ok, because she's here to learn Polish not Australian!)

So this morning after I printed off your email mum, I read the story from Elder Whitmarsh out loud to Siostra Bąk, and we both just about cried from how amazing that story is. I love missionary work, and I know for sure that God prepares people who are ready to hear from the missionaries, if only we as missionaries listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and put ourselves in a position to be led by those promptings, then we can and will be used as instruments in the Lord's hands to bring people to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love all the things I've been learning here at the MTC- from practical skills like language to spiritual skills such as patience and humility. So last week, we had something called TRC (which is when we NORMALLY teach return missionaries who speak Polish, but we teach them as if they were themselves as members, not as if they were actually investigating the church) but someone brought along his friend who is here on holiday from Poland, and he is a real investigator. Then our teacher looks around sort of surprised (he wasn't expecting a non-member to be there, because that's really rare in the MTC) and I ask if we're meant to teach him, and he says yes. So my companion asks if our companionship can go in and talk to him, and so we went ahead! We got to talk to him about the Book of Mormon and a bit about Poland and the language. It was so cool to actually talk to a Polish non-member about the church, and words seriously can't explain how much that experience just made my time here in the MTC. At first, I felt a lot of pressure, talking to someone about the gospel in Polish, but during our time with him, I felt a lot more at ease, and I could feel the Spirit helping me with what to say. I cannot wait til we get out into the mission field. Kocham Polski!

So mum I did indeed get your Dear Elder letter :) It was such a pleasant surprise to see that on my desk when it arrived! I'm really sad to hear about Sister Ireland. I actually found out that one of my Polish teachers (we have 3 in total) served at the same time as the Irelands, and I asked if he knew them and his eyes lit up when I mentioned them! They must have made a big impact on a lot of people in Poland, from the way that people react when I ask if they know them. That reminds me, I really love Sister Draper- please give her many many hugs from me!

I love hearing about Stevie-lee and Madison! They are just too cute haha. And I'm so proud of you for being such an awesome person, with going to the temple in your free-time off from working at the temple! I can't believe how big the temple here in Provo is. There's like a kajillion sealing rooms. Last week I went to do initiatories, and it was really nice and peaceful. I did the work for 5 Hungarian people, and it was just an awesome spiritual experience that I won't forget. I love that we get to go to temple here every week :) 

This past Sunday, I gave a talk in my zone's Sacrament meeting about Faith in Jesus Christ. They don't give you notice of who exactly will speak, but they just tell every missionary to prepare a 5 minute talk, and then they call on you in the announcements of the meeting. So yeah, that was slightly scary! But I love talking about that topic, so it was actually great for me. Also, this Sunday, Siostra Bąk and I are going to sing a song as the musical item, called "My Soul Hungered". Unfortunately, the original key of the song is not good for girls, so we are just going to sing it acapella. But we both reckon it sounds pretty good :)

Well not much more to say! We have 4 investigators now (instead of only 1) and we've been keeping very busy. Lots of class, lots of planning, lots of language study, but so rewarding. There are truly so many blessings that come from doing this work. Yes it's very hard, but knowing that I'm helping others and myself become better, is so worth it.

I love you all, and please keep being awesome!
Package from Down Uner!

Outside my classroom with the American flag

My companion and I being crazy as usual

Letters from Winston Hills Ward

Has anyone seen Skippy? I want to show him my scripture case.
Siostra Grgich

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