Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Half Way!

So 4 weeks down and 5 more to go! Crazy stuff. Well, this week was pretty interesting! We got to host again yesterday (which is when we go to the curb where the new missionaries get dropped off, and then take them with their bags to their bedroom and classroom etc). I hosted 3 sisters- 2 going to California, and 1 going to Denmark (which was cool coz I just told her the entire time how much I love Copenhagen and how cool the people are etc. and also cool coz her classroom is on the same floor as mine!)

Ooh, I met 2 elders that are going to serve in Melbourne (speaking a chinese language) and I gave them Tim-tams, and I taught them how to do a tim-tam slam, and now every time I see them in the cafeteria, I teach them stuff about Australia. I always get so excited when I meet people that are going to serve Down Under! I also met 2 elders going to the Sydney North mission, and I told them that my mum works in the Sydney Temple, so they'll look out for you mum!

Every week we have something called "TRC" which is where we teach Polish speakers (normally return missionaries from Poland) but it's not meant to be like an investigator- rather just a member like how missionaries would go teach at a member's home. Anyway, there was this guy called Fenton, and he knew the Irelands! I think he served at the same time as them (I'm not entirely sure if I understood him perfectly, because we were speaking in Polish haha but yeah, he has at least heard of them, and thinks they are awesome people, coz i showed him my keychain that they gave me, and he thought it was cool). Anywho, so that happened.

Something funny, this week when we were playing Volleyball, everyone was asking me how to say my name, and they're like "Grrr-gich" "grrrr-gich" and then it was my turn to serve the ball, and Elder Firth (going to Turkey) says just as I'm about to hit the ball "Grr-get em!" and I was just laughing so hard. It was pretty funny. I dunno, maybe it's not that funny, it's a 'you had to be there-moment' haha.
Uhh, ooh, this week for the service activity, I went with Sister Bak, and we cleaned some showers, and we got to wear crazy goggles and use a cleaning gun/hose thing. And we just sung the whole time while cleaning, so that was heaps of fun. I'm really gonna miss all these sisters when we get assigned to all our different cities in Poland.

On Sunday, our class (district) sung "Come Thou Fount" for a musical item during Sacrament Meeting, and it sounded pretty awesome if I do say so myself ;) And the other day, the 2 Polish classes were singing an opening hymn, and one of the teachers said he wants to record us singing before we leave for the field. I love how musical the Polish missionaries are- i feel so blessed :)
Also on Sunday, I was looking on the Polish church website, and there was a link to Mormon.org in POLISH and I was like 'yaaaay', so I watched a few videos (English speaking, but Polish subtitles) and it was really good for me to learn some new phrases. There were also some videos of Polish members giving their testimonies, so Sister Kuchar and I were trying to understand the videos, and we actually were able to get quite a bit out of it. Mind you, we had to pause after every sentence, but it was nonetheless very insightful.

What else happened this week? Well my class are having just a ball of a time repeating everything I say in their attempted Aussie accents which is sometimes annoying, but mostly pretty funny haha. I don't notice the weird things we aussies say, until they (the americans) start repeating it! When I was watching some of those "I'm a Mormon" videos, I saw some aussie ones, and it really made me appreciate Australia. I love that place so much. Ahhh ok better not get myself homesick. I really love the mission though for reals :) Ah, all the Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian missionaries are leaving on Tuesday, and I told them to look out for any Grgic families and to ask them (if they meet any) if they have family in Sydney, coz they could be related to us haha. Lucky missionaries going there!

Okie doke, well we gotta go put our laundry away now, and then go teach some Polish speakers when Pday finishes. Let me know how you're all going, and don't hesitate to 'Dear Elder' me if you feel so inclined!

Love you so much,
Siostra Grgich
Sister Bak and I Cleaning the showers

The drawing on the board is Starszy ('Elder' in Polish) Quackenbush and I. I'm the one saying "nohrr" because that's how they all think I say 'no' in my aussie accent. And the "meh meh meh" is Starszy Quackenbush teasing me

Just a Photo of my crazy class

This is of my awesome friends who've all left for the Quezon City Philippines mission this past Monday (although 1 elder is still waiting to leave hopefully next week or something). It was sad to see them go because they're my first MTC friends, but all good.

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