Sunday, 13 July 2014

Making Memories :)

Ok, so I don't have a lot of time to write you (as always!) but I wrote down a list of what happened this week so I can tell you! (You know how bad my memory is)

SO, first of all I had to get 2 immunisations done last week (Typhoid and my 3rd dose for Hep A and B) and they were so painful haha- I've still got a tiny bruise, but all is well! I'm strong hehe

Ok, so we celebrated the 4th of July (USA independence day) with a devotional in the big hall for all of the missionaries, and then we were allowed to go outside and watch the fireworks going off from BYU right next door. That was pretty fun, and especially awesome because we all got free Magnum ice-cream wooo! (I've been eating a lot of ice-cream here at the MTC. Every day is HOT AS) I think I've got a pic or 2 of that day, I'll send them through later.

We had 2 very awesome devotionals this past week- one was Neil L Anderson and his wife spoke to us about the Holy Ghost, and it was so inspiring and uplifting. I just love how blessed we are here with so many wonderful uplifting opportunities. The other devotional was AMAZ-A-ZING- there was this guy called Josh Wright (I think..) and he's a professional pianist, and he played some classical music as well as churchy music and spoke about stories from his mission a few years back. It was like sitting in a concert almost, so I of course loved that time to just listen to beautiful music through my earholes and relax.

Oh, and I think at that same devotional, I met Ann Nicholl's (spelling?) grandson (Elder Whitmarsh I think) who's serving somewhere Spanish speaking, so that was cool. I don't see him around because all the Spanish speakers are on a different campus to the main one here which is a shame because you know me and my Spanish! All good though. He's very tall indeed, just like she said! That was cool to hear another Aussie. There's actually one Aussie elder in my zone, he's going to Bulgaria, so we always speak Aussie to each other and it's pretty funny (and probably obnoxious to the Americans haha). Our zone normally plays sport together, so we've been going a lot to the field and playing volleyball and kickball. It's nice that we have time everyday to do sport. It's one of my favourite times of the day now.

Well sad things of my week- almost all of the international people that were in my intake are all gone now. I miss seeing their faces, but it's so cool to think that we're all around different places of the world with the same purpose of helping people come closer to Christ. Also sad, (sort of) I kept losing a lot of things this week haha. So one day after sport, I left my nametag in the pigeonhole thing where we keep our tags and stuff, so I had to run all the way back with my companion to get it. And on the way, I managed to drop my ID card (it broke off the chain it was on), so then I had to run around and look for that. And then today after sport again, my companion got my badge and stuff for me, but somehow my watch got overlooked, so I had to run back and get that today. So a little but stressful, but I'm all good! Lots of exercise I guess!

And for something maybe slightly funny... so last week I waxed my underarms and Siostra Bak was helping me, and then she wanted me to do hers, so I did them a couple of days ago, and she pretty much died of the pain (she's never had it done before) and all the Polish sisters (our room and next door) came in to look and laugh hehehe I'm not sadistic, honest! But yeah, that was quite the memory-making moment.

Well, Kate, I really want to see a picture of this chicken! I'm so jealous. I wish I had a chicken. And I laughed so hard about your makeup being dishonest remark. TRUE DAT sister. I love you so much. And mum and dad and nieces and Mandy I love you so much too. And thanks mum for sending me stuff! I hope I get it in time! And I'm so happy for Isabelle's baptism! Thanks for telling me stuff from home, it's good to hear from you.

Love you, be happy, be productive, be charitable,
Siostra Grgich 

4th of July! Siostra Smith gets a fireworks crown hehe

Some new friends we made here at the MTC

Myself and the lovely Siostra Bak

ls being girlie-girls and putting on makeup (which Kate likes to call, 'dishonesty' hahaha)

My companion and I with 3 elders going to the Philippines on their mission (they leave next week). One of the elders lived in Austria last year so I speak German with him it's pretty fun.

My Polish class (minus 2 sisters)

A lot of the Sisters in my zone (Polish, Croatian and Slovene)

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