Friday, 11 July 2014

I LOVE Getting Mail

Well first of all, I LOVE getting mail (through Dear Elder, or packages or anything really!) so thank you so much, I feel so loved :) (and mum btw, if you feel so inclined to send any more Krispy Kremes to me, I will be totally okay with that). Hm, well today I got 2 vaccinations done (ouchie) and we've just been relaxing and talking and eating, so it's been a pretty good day. Preparation day ends at 5:30pm here in the MTC though, so we're just doing our laundry now, and then we'll be off to something called TRC (I can't even remember what it stands for right now haha) and we get to teach a Polish person (I think..?) and they might be a member but might not be.. so that will be something different!

We've got a new 'investigator' this week, and we've also got to finish planning his lesson for tomorrow, so it's been pretty busy every day, but I love how it's stretching me, and making me a more skillful person in language and abilities, and I also love how it's stretching me spiritually. We've been having a lot of devotionals/talks/lessons this past week about the importance of conversion to the gospel (as opposed to say, conversion to a person's testimony, or conversion to the church). I can really say with confidence, and I am glad, that I don't have a doubt in my mind that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that I have made the decision once and for all that I will follow Christ.

Every Sunday evening, we get to watch a video from the church (feature films or talks/devotionals etc.) and last week was so beautiful. It was from Elder David A. Bednar called "Character of Christ" and it was his address to the MTC on Christmas Day (I think it's from a few years back). Everything he said was just so true, and so inspiring, and it really helped me see things from an eternal perspective. We've also been able to hear from many other wonderful people, including General Authorities, so it truly is a wonderful atmosphere to be in here at the MTC. It's sort of funny actually, every now and then I'll see 2 elders walking fast-paced with side bags, and I think "ooh, it's the missionaries!" but then it only takes me a millisecond to remember that we're almost ALL missionaries here. I'm sure I'll notice the stares when I get to Poland, but as for now, I enjoy blending in with everybody- In a good way, I might add! we are all so united and have the same purpose, and while at times we all just look the same, it's wonderful how loving and caring everyone is to each other, and we all use our unique talents, personalities and humour to uplift each other, and our individuality shines through.

Well we have a lot of laughs here! (I think it's because it's our way of handling with the stress of learning this crazy language haha). 2 days ago in our lesson with Jacek our investigator, I was trying to say "That's why we needed a restoration of the gospel" but instead, I kept saying "That's why we need a conversion of the gospel" and poor Jacek looked so confused, and then my companion was like "Przywrocenia" haha glad she had my back. I was saying "Nawrocenia". There are heaps of very similar Polish words. I think I'm figuring it out though :) Ah, but if POLISH isn't enough, I must tell you that I have so many misunderstandings with the Americans hahaha. Just simple things like when I say "torch" they think I'm talking about the medieval-type wooden pole with a flame on top. Or the way I say 'water' (or anything ending with an 'er' for that matter) they all make me repeat it because it sounds so funny. I actually don't mind it though, it's nice to be different sometimes!

That reminds me! Kate no I didn't bring my kangaroo scripture case because I figured I wouldn't be using it because of the size of the Polish scriptures, but now I sort of regret that and wish I has it. Well, mum, if it's not too much trouble, it would be SO cool if you could send it to me :D (and it's cheaper to send it here than to Poland!) all good if you don't though haha it's just cute and nice to have to remind me of home.

Ah and Kate, Zadoscuczynienie only has 2 accents that's right, but it doesn't mean satisfaction (well maybe it does as well, but not in this context!). We don't use the word pokuta, I'm not sure what that is..? Ah, say hi to Aaron in Denmark! Tell him I said thanks for talking to me via you! haha ok and kate please dear elder me as much as possible! it seriously makes me so happy to get stuff throughout the week :) and i liked your fake goodbye, it was beautiful haha. oh and if you can find sheet music (an arrangement, not the hymn book version) for The Lord is My Shepherd? (anything you could find and send me would be SOO appreciated, coz I'd love to audition for that song, but we're only allowed to do arrangements with accompaniment- no acapella and no straight from the hymnbook songs.

Okie doke, I've got to get off the computer soon. I love you so much, and I hope all is well Down Under. Thanks for all that you do for me.

Much love,
Siostra Grgich

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