Friday, 5 December 2014

I Look Like A Polish Girl

Elders Quackenbush and Jeffs (from my MTC intake) and Sister Wood and I at Zone Conference in Bydgoszcz last week

A super-awesomely decorated envelope courtesy of my amazing sister Kate :) I carry it around in my bag and show it off to everyone haha
Me in front of a statue in the Gdansk Old Town (just felt like I should)

Sister Wood and I in the Solidarity (Solidarność) Museum at the back of a battery-powered truck (it might be a replica, I don't really know)

Standing on some stairs in the museum

The roof was a giant mirror, so of course we had to take a selfie

Bet you didn't know I was a camerawoman... and that carpet is actually hard floor

A photo of our district at the round table in the Solidarity Museum
Today we decided to do something cultural/educational again for p-day, so we went to the Solidarność (Solidarity) Museum in Gdansk with the elders in our district. Basically it's about how Poland came out of communism in the 80s, and the museum itself is located on a historically important shipyard site, where they say the Solidarity movement in Poland started (with protests and workers' strikes). It was cool to go around the different exhibitions and learn about how the Polish people worked together for freedom and better living circumstances. At the end of the museum, there was even a section about how other countries have worked for freedom (particularly from communism/socialism) and I saw an interesting film about Yugoslavia. It was pretty funny looking at all these photos from the 70s, and so many people looked like dad! With his moustache and afro hair and 70s clothes hehehe (I guess Slavic people sort of look the same). Anyway, it was pretty awesome and educating, so I was glad to finally go and see that today.

This past week when tracting, there was one day where on 2 seperate occasions, a person mistook me for their friend or relative haha. So one door we knocked on, and an older lady answers and her eyes widen and she smiles as she looks at me, and says "you look like my niece!" hahah but unfortunately I had to tell her that I'm not. After explaining that we were missionaries and wanted to share a gospel message, she looked slightly less happy haha, but was still super friendly and wished us good luck on our way. Then on that same day, we're tracting another building and an older lady again looks at me and smiles so big and says something about me being her friend, and asks where I'm living now hahaha. I unfortunately had to tell her the bad news that I'm not her friend that she thinks I am hehe, but the good news that we're missionaries! (she looked really confused). Anyway, so conclusion- I look like a Polish girl yay! We're actually hoping to do some more tracting this coming week- we've been having some interesting experiences, so hopefully someone will let us teach them again in their home :)

This week we're planning on visiting a lot of less-actives in our branch, to try and get to know them (I'm making ANZAC bikkies and my companion will make banana cake to give them)- so we're really excited about seeing some new faces and maybe reaching someone who needs a little friendship and sisterly love. We've also spoken about doing a musical fireside- so it's still on the agenda! I'll be sure to let you know how that goes (I love music!). Every morning as a companionship, we sing a hymn together and I play the chords on guitar. There's also a member who lives not too far from us, and we visit her and sing songs while I play, and it's super nice to just enjoy the music together. Music can be so uplifting, so thank you mum and dad for bringing me up in the best household ever! :D

Ok, I better go because my time is ending, but on Tuesday we had a really cool opportunity to see a bit of the city parade for Poland's national holiday, and it was nice to see people being so proud of their country and just coming together and enjoying each other's company. I love when people unite and you can just feel like one big family. I'm so grateful for my friends and family all over the world that are there for me to support me in both my ups and downs, and I hope that I can be that person for my family and friends too. Love your neighbour as yourself, and everything will be alright :)

Your'e the best!
Love Sister Grgich

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