Saturday, 25 April 2015

Warmth in Poland

The weather is getting warmer now and the sun is making itself known again to this beautiful part of the world! This past week was another busy and rewarding one, filled with some familiar and some not so common experiences. We've been able to speak with a few different people on the streets- some more interested than others, but nevertheless, my companion and I were able to teach, testify and invite people to follow Christ and we felt so fulfilled in doing so. 

One experience we had a couple of days ago, was in talking to a man who actually had met with the missionaries before and had a Book of Mormon. He was really kind (actually, most of the people we spoke to this week were kind) and had some questions about our beliefs which we were glad to answer, but unfortunately his skepticism stood in the way of wanting to learn more from us or read and pray about the Book of Mormon. He actually knew a fair amount about some of our practices, such as the Word of Wisdom and how we perform baptisms for the dead, but these were precisely the things he found too "weird" to accept. I felt sad that he didn't want to learn more, because I know that these commandments, principles and ordinances, which are sometimes "weird" to the natural man, can become clear and not only normal, but they can be seen as they really are- essential and beautiful parts in our Heavenly Father's great plan of happiness for His children. One question this man asked, was why do some Mormons not live according to our standards (he made an example of a famous Mormon singer). My companion and I explained that none of us are perfect, for if we were there would be no point for us being on the earth. Jesus Christ makes repentance possible (and all the things that accompany it such as healing, comfort and strength) through his Atonement, and of course even members of the church will make mistakes, but we repent and become better- that's what life's all about!

Another man we spoke to took me a little off guard. Normally in Poland, we speak to a lot of Catholics, or at least people who have a general belief in God or who once did believe. Yesterday we spoke to a man from Turkey, who had a fairly different idea of who God is to what we know to be true. We mentioned how God is our Father, and asked him what his beliefs in God were. He said that he was Muslim, but wasn't really practicing, but then he made a point that God is all around and in everything and he has many names and we can't call him 'father'. I suppose the first point is true, that God is aware of everyone and everything, but the second point just really took me aback. I felt sad that this man didn't look at God as being his father, and I really thought about how essential it is for people to have faith in this eternal truth, in order to understand the gospel and the role of Jesus Christ and everything that goes along with it. We were at least able to give this man a pass along card, and he promised he would look at the website ( and we hope that some of the truths he reads will resonate in his heart and encourage him to learn more. He was friendly anyway so that was good, and I'm so glad that for the most part, all the different religions of the world generally teach about love and the importance of being kind to fellow man- for that I'm truly grateful!

This week we also had a great opportunity to teach some members- one of them is from Thailand and hardly speaks any English or Polish, but I truly heard the language of the Spirit- and I know that this woman's testimony was strong and real. We read a scripture with her from the Book of Mormon (it was actually about how the Spirit speaks for man's understanding) and as she read it in Thai I just felt so warm- I guess that's how I can explain it! I could see the smile on her face and I felt the strength of her words, bearing testimony of how she knows this gospel is true. What a great experience it is to be a missionary! I have also been blessed to teach others and have similar experiences of knowing that the Holy Ghost is there to testify and comfort. It's an incredible gift that members of the church have been endowed with- to always have the Spirit with us. How grateful I am for that!

Love you so much, remember that we always have the Spirit with us as we are living worthy of His presence- and take time to listen! :)

Siostra Grgich

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