Monday, 3 November 2014

Happy New Week!

The Courtyard of Malbork Castle

My companion and I chilling with some Teutonic knights, you know the deal

Old Gothic Well (There's No Water In It Anymore, I Know We Checked)

Super Cool Roof (I Wish You Could See It Better)

Me and a Small Window

Sister Monte, Starzy Wolfley and Stan Being Awesome as Usual

Stainsław and I Inside the Castle
This week was sort of boring because I've had a cold- but it's also been super awesome because of General Conference and today! So it all worked out :D

I'll start with today while it's fresh in my memory! So right after studies, instead of emailing, we (the Elders and Sisters) went with a friend Stanisław to the Malbork Castle (about an hours drive from Gdansk). It's actually a German-built castle, and a lot of it was destroyed in WW2, but it's been rebuilt and is a pretty popular tourist place. It was cool to walk around and enjoy eachother's company, and I especially liked hearing all the German tourists walking around haha :) Unfortunately, only some of the castle was open to see (a lot of museums and stuff are closed or part-closed on Mondays), but we still got to listen to an audioguide, and have our own 'tour-guide' Stan tell us some Polish history, so it was way cool.

Have you heard any of General Conference yet, or the Women's Conference? Yesterday for church, we were going to watch a Saturday session, but it wasn't up yet in Polish. So we ended up showing the General Women's Conference, and in a room next door to the main chapel, we set up the computer to show it in German for a man Karl (non-member from Germany) who doesn't speak Polish. So I got to go and watch it in German (I'm definitely able to understand way more of that than Polish unfortunately- I'm still working on my Polish of course!). It was a really awesome experience for me, and I felt the Spirit very strongly in the room, testifying to Karl and I that what we were hearing from our leaders was true (a lot was spoken about temples, and it made me really miss going to the temple! I can't wait to have that opportunity again in Sydney). I hope you get to watch all of the sessions if you haven't already (we still actually need to watch both Sunday sessions)- I can't wait til all these talks come out in the next Ensign so I can study them and read them over again. I've had some amazing, clear answers to my prayers already, and I'm excited to see Sunday's sessions to get even more inspiration and insight. How blessed are we to be able to hear such powerful words and recieve so much guidance from our apostles and prophets every 6 months-I love conference so much!

This week we also restocked our 72-hour kits (with the help of the senior missionary couple the Shaw's). I was really drained getting all the stuff actually, (because of my cold) but the awesome thing is that we rotate the food from the kit, which means we get to eat all the old stuff (which is practically non-perishable anyway)- so yay, more Nutella for me! ;) In all seriousness though, I've actually really been trying to eat healthier, because I hate the feeling of being sick and I want to prevent it as much as possible from happening again. I haven't enjoyed this time very much, but I guess it has forced me to drink more fluids and be careful about what I'm putting in my body. Yet another trial for me to learn from, I'm sure! The Word of Wisdom is important, and it's not just about abstaining from drugs and alcohol! I'm really trying to eat less chocolate now, and more fruits and vegetables. It's a little bit hard for me to adjust to the fruits and vegetables here, because they don't have the same type of fresh produce that I'm used to back home, but I'm trying to teach myself to like the canned stuff, and buy things in season! I'll get there- hopefully the next time you see me, I won't be a chocolate addict anymore ;) fingers crossed

Okie doke, it's so cool hearing about everything that's happening at home and I hope the transitions you're making aren't too stressful. Give all my love to the nieces and my sisters (and everyone really!) :)

Kocham was,
Siostra Grgich

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