Monday, 30 June 2014

I Have Arrived at the MTC!

Goodbye Sydney! At Sydney Airport with Mum, Dad and my beautiful nieces Stevie-Lee and Madison
I'm indeed very busy here, and actually a little stressed with learning Polish and trying to plan lessons (all in Polish, of course!), but it has honestly been so worth it, and I love it here so much! I have a lot to tell you but don't have a lot of time haha, so I'll try.
So when I got here last Monday, I was DEAD tired, but 20 mins after I arrived (I was the first international missionary of the week to arrive here) I got a companion from Germany! Her name is Sister Borcherding and she's serving in Singapore, English speaking, and we actually have a common friend! Her cousin was in my Stake in Germany. Anyway, cool stuff, and I loved being able to speak German with her! AND, I met an Elder who's serving in the Philipines in the same mission as my friend Katerina (Quezon City Mission), and he lived in Austria last year as an exchange student, so we speak German to each other it's so fun being able to use the language.

That's me and my first 2 German companions (only had them for a couple days)
Tim Tam Slams!

Yes my companion is indeed shorter than me! Crazy that that's even possible, right? ;) She is super awesome, and from Pennsylvania, she's a photographer, loves Nacho Libre, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Jane Austen, and plays the piano beautifully! Actually, my class is quite musical, which I LOVE! And we've all decided that we should audition as a class for a musical item in a devotional here at the MTC. We have such talented singers for all voices/parts, so our opening hymns always sound amazing.

my polish class in front of the world map at the MTC pointing to the general Poland area haha

Ok, so I got to go to the Provo Temple today which was really nice! I did a name for one of the sisters who's in my room (there's 4 of us- my companion and I, and a Siostra Bak from Minnesota and Siostra Kuchar from Utah-all going to Poland). The temple here is SO BIG! I love it, it was a great spiritual experience. (although I was super tired)
Sisotra Bą k and I at Provo Temple

My companion and I at Provo temple!

So we've had quite a few Polish classes (the entire classes are in Polish-well at least, the teacher never speaks English, so that we get used to immersion). We've already been teaching an 'investigator' and the lessons are completely in none other than Polish! I really believe in the Gift of Tongues, it's crazy and I don't feel like I can properly explain it, but I know that this work is real, and I know that God needs me to learn Polish.

So apart from all the classes and meetings, we've been having a lot of fun too! We are constantly laughing, and it's a great stress relief! Siostra Bak always does/says the funniest things. One day, after coming out of the room after their lesson with the investigator, she was laughing so hard with her companion and we were all like "what happened?". And she apparently told the investigator, "Jesus Christ Smirnoff" instead of "smierc" or something, which means "died". So hilarious.

Oh, 2 cool Polish words!
Żart means 'joke'
Zadoscuczynienie means 'atonement' and has a kajillion accents over the letters

My companion and I in Polish class

Hmm, well I love being here (even when I get asked every 3 seconds how to say my last name... thanks Dad!) Haha, I hope I can write you more next week, because I've run out of time now!
Wiem ze Bog jest nasze Ojciec Niebieski, y ze kosciol jest prawdziwy! (I know that God is our Heavenly Father and the church is true!)
Siostra Grgich

ALSO, we had the best ever devotional from Janice Kapp Perry, and I absolutely loved how much she brought the spirit by her music, and talking about music, and getting everyone to sing a medley in the hall. It was so good :) I miss dad's guitar playing, and I miss not being able to play the guitar! (you're not allowed here). But I've just been singing to try and compensate, and my companion is a great soprano, so we go well together :)

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